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    I've been looking ALL day for the T-mobile MDA, but all my local stores are sold out, but I can find the Cigular 8125, which is basically the same thing for around the same price.

    I want to get the the phone before I go on a cross-country trip in two days, so ordering one (MDA) is out.

    My question is if anyone sees a problem buying the 8125 and unlocking it to use with T-mobile? I would imagine I would use the same unlocking instrutions as ANY HTC Wizard?

    Thanks for your help in getting my hands on this AWESOME phone! It seems like people here know what they're talking about, so I thought I'd try!
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    Yes. You can buy the Cingular 8125 - unlock like any other HTC Wizard and then use on T-mobile. Many people have done this already. Note however you have to go a little further to fully customize it - there are ROMs available supposedly that will customize your 8125 into the MDA (T-Mobile MyEmail triggers, etc) but just unlocking it and using it with T-Mobile will work perfectly fine.
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