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    At lunch I went to the local T-Mobile corporate store and fondled a real MDA. They won't sell them until tomorrow but hauled one out of its box to show me.

    It is a bit fatter than the Treo, but otherwise about the same in dimensions as the body of the Treo. Doesn't have the Treo's stubby antenna, of course, so I guess that makes it a bit smaller.

    I don't like the keyboard. The keys are oval-ish. Unlike the Treo, where the keys stick up high above the deck, the MDA's keys don't. I found that sometimes it felt like I was pushing the key into its hole. They need to be higher, and perhaps have a more pronounced dome shape as do the Treo's keys.

    It was harder for me to type on the MDA than the Treo. And that's saying a lot, what with the Treo's dainty little keys and my not-so-dainty thumbs.

    I was set to buy the MDA because I want the full OTA connection experience with push email to my Exchange server. No other reason. Well, new gadget lust. Two reasons. OTA Exchange connectivity and gadget lust. And the larger screen. THREE reasons. . . . (Sorry, Monty Python).

    But between the MDA's poopy keyboard and the promise of Chatter's OWA product on the horizon, I think I will wait. If the MDA's keyboard were better it would be a harder call.
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    I purchased the MDA a few hours ago. I'll let you know what I think of the OS, keyboard and all that jazz tomorrow. So if you have any questions, nows the time to ask.
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    The first big question is whether the mythical full OTA sync of contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and email actually works.

    The next question--email folders. Sync only the inbox or subfolders too?

    Well, that keyboard thing too.
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    I have been using a Qtek 9100 since December and I can tell you that the keyboard will be odd to type on initially. But you will get accustomed to it and will prefer it to the Treo's keyboard. THere is more space and fewer mistakes. When I used a 650 again for a week I was fine using Palm OS, but I missed the Qtek's keyboard.

    Just so you know, the 9100 is the same phone as the MDA.

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