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    Hello, I've been a long time reader of Treocentral but this is my first post.

    To start, here is a little background. I currently have a Treo 600 on Verizon. I am locked into a contract and can't switch for coverage reasons. I do not have a data plan on my treo because I can't afford Verizon's $45 a month prices. I am also a college student, so my needs differ slightly from other users. Luckily, I recently won a 30gb Video Ipod, and I still haven't decided whether to keep it.

    I am in the market for an upgrade, using the proceeds from the sale of the Ipod. I am pretty much OS agnostic, and I do not have any purchased Palm only applications.

    I need a device that can do the following
    1. A good Phone (this is my only phone)
    2. Good Battery Life
    3. Support for SD GPS
    4. Ability to edit/view Word and Powerpoint
    5. Ability to play untranscoded mpeg2 tv recordings from a tv card
    6. Wifi
    7. SYnc Outlook contacts
    8. Good Mp3 player
    9. Bluetooth is a plus
    10. Good Camera and video capabilites

    My budget is basically whatever I can sell the Ipod for plus whatever I can sell my treo 600 for plus maybe $50.

    I see my options as
    A)Get a xv6700
    B)Wait until I can afford a 700w
    C)Get a 650
    D)Buy a seperate PDA (Axim maybe)

    First off I am concerned about the xv6700's phone abilities and Battery life. It is also on the high end of my price range

    The 700w fits the most of my requirements, but is out of my budget until prices drop below $400.

    The 650 has a great screen but there is no WIFI support and the camera is mediocre.

    Right now the best option is looking to be that I keep the Ipod, use it for music and that I buy an axim on ebay with wifi and a vga screen. I could then sell my treo 600, buy a decent camera phone and seemingly meet all of my requirements. However, I then have to carry three devices instead of one...

    What should I do? I need advice!
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    For best of breed, separate devices are best, bu then you generally miss out on the benefits of integration. You will save a lot of money and get better quality of devices by getting a man purse

    The small low res screen of the Treo 700w, or even Treo 650 isn't really ideal for video. The Axim x51v has plenty of power (due to the video accelerator) for playing your untranscoded video at full speed and res.

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    Just pick up a 650 and save some cash. Sure, it doesn't have wi-fi(unless you want to pick up the Enfora wi-fi sled thing), but do you REALLY need it? If you use the right browser(Xiino, for instance), you'll be able to achieve almost DSL-like speeds anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShannonElements
    Just pick up a 650 and save some cash. Sure, it doesn't have wi-fi(unless you want to pick up the Enfora wi-fi sled thing), but do you REALLY need it? If you use the right browser(Xiino, for instance), you'll be able to achieve almost DSL-like speeds anyway.
    I don't have a data plan and I really can't afford one (A year of Verizon's Data would be over $500). However, Since I go to a large university, Wifi is pretty much everywhere and it is my only option for mobile internet. I really like the 650, but the camera and the no wifi really detract from it.
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    What do you consider good battery life? You are one of the few people I've seen articulate a good need for WiFi. Maybe a Treo isn't the right device for you given the current WiFi situation. Since I don't need WiFi, I am not familiar with what phones offer it. On the camera issue, most are going to be fairly poor. What type of quality are you expecting?
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    The 650 fits the bill except for the WifI thing. Few peeps mention battery life but it's worth noting since you listed it that you'd need to change to a GSM phone to get the 50% advanatge there. My suggestion would be to wait until summer. A host of new devices will be out by then and if they don't make you bite, everything out now will be that much cheaper.
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    OK let's look at the this way,
    1) You want wifi becuase you can't afford verizon data (make perfect sense, its a rip off)
    2) You want a decent camera.
    3) You want decent ok mp3 player.

    1 and 2 does not co exist! All the wifi equiped PDA or PDAphone have pretty horrible camera! In fact all phones do, but some top model Nokia and Sony has passble camera. Well at least the color palette is accurate enough.

    Regarding 3 it's easy. In fact the treo 600 is a pretty ok mp3 player as it is. None of your other choice make a better player, really.

    So basically you have to pick your priority. If you like one device does it all, I suggest the 6700, and pick up a REAL camera made by real camera manuf.! In fact I suggest a water proof camera seeing you are in college. You can thank me later.

    Now if you think everyday photography opportunity is more important. Than I suggest a consumer mp3 camera phone. One of those Sony k750, w800 or w900 phone . You can get a PDA for video playback and wifi. Get a model with a 4" screen. Actually a PSP can do both too.

    Now if you want a all in one device that can do everything moderately well at sensible price, then go for the treo 650. It has better bang-for-the-buck ratio than all the other phones you listed.

    Remember the quaify of the digital photo has everything to do with the size of the lense and nothing to do with the size of the CCD chip. You can't have a good and tiny camera, period.
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    I absolutely disagree with the 650 recommendation. They are still buggy and unstable and can be a real nightmare. I'm a 650 user and about to switch. My suggestion is the 6700 with the $20 data plan and just forget you have it. Enjoy the wifi!

    Former long term user of the Treo line, then on to the HTC 8125/8525. Now I have graduated to the iPhone. For the first time since getting my first Treo 600, I am not constantly scanning the web looking for a better converged device.
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    You might want to consider the two step (existing phone and WiFi PDA) until you can justify the big purchase. I love the 8125, but understand Cingular is not in your future, and you don't want to pay more for data services. A good WiFi enabled PDA (HP 4155, Palm TX) would give you data on campus wihtout additional costs.
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    I cannot thank everyone enough for the great advice.

    Here is what I am currently thinking

    No xv6700 - It is too PDA oriented for it to be my only phone. I also have read numerous reports of bugs and volume issues. It just seems a bit too expensive for those kind of problems

    No PDA - I really can't see myself carrying around 3 devices -- 2 maybe, but not 3.

    Currently, I am leaning towards getting the 650 on ebay when it gets cheaper, keeping the ipod for video and mp3s, and eventually buying the enfora wifi sled.

    This seems to fulfill all of my requirements with the least hassle, but I am still open to more suggestions.

    P.S. To the poster above, I already have a decent digital camera, but like I said, I really don't want to carry more than 2 devices, and I like to be able to take casual shots in day to day life.

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