"Sony Ericsson W950

....the latest Walkman handset from Sony Ericsson, the W950, is in fact a re-dress of the M600smartphone SE unveiled last week. .... The big story here is that the phone has four Gigabytes of flash memory storage built in....and USB2 connection.

Nokia 6136

Nokia's first phone to feature UMA support, which means it can seamlessly move between 3G and Wi-Fi connections without dropping a call, is a bit of a curious one. You would have thought Nokia would have pulled out all the stops and offered a high-end Series 60 phone for us techies. But, nope, the 6136 is a lower-end Series 40 model aimed at more causal users. The underlying technology is great, especially given the announcement by Rabbit yesterday that it is to offer a two cents call via Wi-Fi to anywhere in the world. There are also whispers of a Nokia deal with Skype,which will probably go down like a lead balloon with the networks.

The phone itself is a bit of an oddity though. It is a ok clamshell with a quality OLED screen on its facia. Flip it open and there are huge buttons which should make texting and sending emails at a brisk pace fairly simple.

LGs TV on the mobile phone

LG is keeping its options open as the phone is available in a trio of different versions; as the V9000 with a T-DMB digital TV tuner built in for Germany and some other European countries, as the Media Flo mobile TV for the US and as the DVB-H (the format most fancied by Nokia), which surprisingly enough has a DVB-H decoder built in.....

Nevertheless, no matter which TV format it uses, the LG whatever is a pretty nifty phone. It has superb quality 262K screen which cleverly flips into a T delivering a widescreen view. The quality of the images, which incidentally were taken from a video card and not live, were however very impressive. ...... the handset is a bit chunky, especially when compared with all the slim mobiles at the show, and this ultimately might limit its appeal. A version of the phone, quite possibly without a TV tuner, will go on sale in Europe in June."