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    I have owned a Samsung I300, Treo300, Treo600 & Treo650.

    Would love to have the Treo 700 but... Verizon is not available where i live (Oklahoma).

    I have coveted the much delayed benq P50 for more than 1 yr. Gave up on it. And now, own one.

    The benq P50 is a great phone. Windows Mobile v2 takes some getting use to after using Palm since 1997. But after several hours i can do everything and MORE than Palm could do.

    Size - smaller than Treo if u count antenna.
    Great Screen - 320x240, larger than treo.
    Weight - feels similar to treo.
    Very sturdy.
    Look - more professional appearing than toyish 650.
    SDIO, USB interface, 802.11, 1.3MP camera (mediocre),
    Quad Band - i am using on Cingular.
    Responsiveness - similar/? faster than Treo650.
    Biggest complaint - low volume much like Treo650 (had to use VolumeCare).
    Fewer problems initially than i had with Treo650, ie i dont have to reset nearly daily. I have not had any software problems with WMv2.
    Cost - $565, unlocked (expansys us)

    Overall, very pleased with Benq and Windows Mobile.

    Wish it had the new Windows Mobile OS. Came with Windows Mobile V2.

    GREAT Replacement for my Treo650.
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    Yes, of course it also has bluetooth. Although i think unusable due to static and low volume much like my Treo650.
    And, in case your wondering, the QUERTY keyboard is equivalent or maybe a bit better than treo keyboards.
    I do prefer treo thumb/navigation keys. Benq has a multidirectional knob (a little like on many laptops). Takes some getting use to. Feels normal after a few hrs.
    Also, i love the 'active sync' with windows. Dont know if it is the same for Treo700. But it is simple and nice.

    Also, removable battery, and battery life is much like Treo650, about 1.25 days of use before it is dead. I would say i am a moderate to severe battery user.

    Surfing (on GPRS, Cingular) is quick, and more friendly than PalmOS web browsing.

    E-mail is adequate via WM Outlook. Syncs with my Yahoo no problems every hour.

    I dont know if there is a 'push' type e-mail program out there.

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    I just wanted to know how it works with Skype. I gave up on treo700. I have tmobile connection and since BenQ P50 got 416MHz processor and tmobile got speed boost for its GPRS/EDGE I should be able to use skype, cant I?

    Ohh. And how is bluetooth?? Can you do file transfer, dialup networking with it? And how about A2DP profile??
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    Of all the thumbboard-equipped WM devices being released, I liked the look of this one the best, so I'm disappointed that Benq doesn't seem to be interested (or perhaps able) to market this heavily in the US. Plus, the lack of WM5 hurts. So how is the one-handed experience? Based on my brief experience with WM5 (via the Sprint PPC-6700) and what I've read up on the subject, the big deal with WM5 is the two soft buttons, which I personally think is an awful idea anyway. Apps theoretically could offer just as good D-Pad integration with WM2003SE as they can with WM5. I believe that with both platforms, the developer has to consciously code for it.

    Ditto on the Skype question. And also, how is video playback performance? And also, how does the screen look? And can you provide some sample photos (comparison photos of Treo 650 next to p50 as well as sample photos comparing the picture quality of the Treo 650's camera with the p50's).

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    SKYPE - yes, Benq P50 comes packaged with a Skype CD program. I have not installed or used yet.

    Re: marketing - it appears to be a big hit in europe and asia so far.

    Single hand use - no problem, i cannot think of a single function i cant do with one hand. This does require accurate thumb tapping on the screen with little icons, but it IS single handed. The multi-directional thumb key is not as well integrated as i would like but certainly usable. I find it just as easy to use single handed as the Treo650. I hate to use and refuse to use the stylis exept for soft reset of course.

    Video performance - my cute kids look great. I say it is comparable to Treo650.

    Camera - i will post some pics of Benq & Treo650. But it is comparable. Does have 4x zoom and a flash.

    I have not used BT for data sync of networking. Again, i have 2 Motorola BT headsets and tried them on both Treo650 AND Benq P50. They are both unusable due to static primarily and low volume.

    What is A2DP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by halford
    What is A2DP?
    I think it is the BT profile needed for playing mp3's over the bt headset.
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    can u tell, halford, skype is usable on wifi only or we can use it on wireless network like tmobile edge connection as well???
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    I'm surprised there isn't a more active following/community for this phone. Last time I searched, I found a few threads at and some active/excited users at the Singapore WM site
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Does this phone support WM5?

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