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    Im going to get a Palm IIIxe, because of the OS 3.5 and good price. Soon I will want to get a mobile phone for Email, and internet browsing. One problem, I want to get a phone on a certain network, one where you buy credit in shops, and never get bills, there are only a few phones out on that network, only one which is IR and that is really expensive. But I hear you can put a sim card from one network into another, so I could get a bill pay phone with the no bills network sim card because there are way more phones on the bill pay network.
    One problem, there is a year contract with them, could I get the phone without a contract?
    Is there some method where I could use any phone with a Palm IIIxe?
    Can someone help me, and keep in mind I don't want to spen too much.

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    I have a Nextel phone Motorola i1000plus (service is so-so) but the phone is cool. I have data access on the phone an extra $10 per month charge. I connect my Palm IIIc with the following cable and it works great!

    Take a look:

    The cable is pricey and I know you are trying to save $$, but that is the cost of being on the front end of the technology curve.
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    Motorola is about to refresh their product line; so you might not want to buy a phone right now . . .
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    one thing, Im in ireland. That might be usefull.
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