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    Let's see if I can confuse you as much as I am. Contract with Verizon just expired, and dying to use the $100 voucher to upgrade to the xv6700, or maybe the 700w, or maybe skip EVDO offered and jump providers to Cingular for cheaper plans, rollover minutes, no BT disabiling and wait for maybe the 8125.

    For the past 2 yr, I'v been walking around with an lg 6000, no PDA, no camera, no mp3 player, ect. and now looking to get the best balance, in a device.
    I used the phone mostly for internet/ email. And to collect more sympathy never had Broadband or even dial-up at home. So I will need a new phone that will allow USB tethered or BT DUN.
    Another stupid thing I need is an EZ access alarm, which is one thing th LG was good for, I am a surgical resident at the hospital, and getting sleep is a priority, but so is waking up on time.
    Therefore, I also need somewhere to store notes, pt info, drug calc, medical ebooks, etc.
    Lastly, I would like a phone to offer a camera to take at least on-the-spot clinical pictures and xrays of reasonable quality

    Please help~!! which one of these phones would be the best choice, or should I wait for anything that might be on the horizon like Loox T830.
    Also any thought or preferences on providers
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    For me the GSM 650 is still the device of choice......I really do appreciate the extended battery life (charge once a week), the ability to swap SIMS and all the data I can use at $19.95 a month from Cingular.

    If you need it now, I 'd grab a 650 GSM....of course assuming that you get good GSM coverage in your area. If you could wait, I'd wait till what we all expect will be the next Hollywood Treo or 800p whatever they call it around mid - late summer. If it's HDSA 3.6 equipped, which seems likely, it will deliver twice the download data rate of EVDO and even faster uploads.

    OTOH, if SPrint's or Verizon has significantly better coverage, for the most important function (phone), this would probably be better choice.

    Of course there's no assurance that the next GSM phone will be able to do 3.6.....some current devices are limited to 1.8 which is equivalent to EVDO speeds. It seems to me however, for something to come out in July - September, when HDSPA 3.6 is in use in january would be a huge faux pax for Palm.
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    I am assuming that Sprint will not change their data plans on the release of the 700P, as they already have EV-DO phones in play. . . . . . . .it's hard to beat $10 a month for unlimited data. Of course, Sprint coverage in Grand Rapids is great, price means nothing without coverage -- so you have to go with coverage in your area first, then check out prices.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I think between my co-residents and multiple attendings, there's at least one of every provider: T-mobile, Cingular, Sprint, Verizon; none with any significant complaints.

    I have time to wait, especially if I switch networks. But with the Hollywood, AKA 700p, AKA 800p, whatever it would be nice to have more "realistic" specs and expected launch
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    One of the things worth mentioning that snuck up on me with the 850 minute plan (4 phones) is that most of my calls are going to peeps on the same I have over 7,000 roll over minutes which will start expiring at the rate of about 580 a month this month !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osteo
    ...Please help~!! which one of these phones would be the best choice, or should I wait for anything that might be on the horizon like Loox T830.
    Also any thought or preferences on providers
    One thing to keep in mind about that Loox T830 is that it is a triband phone (the 850 spectrum is missing). So it will not provide optimal coverage in the U.S. (if that's important to you at all).

    I was open to the Loox until I refreshed my recollection on the triband thing today, so now I'll just wait for the 800p/Hollywood (hi Perry ...or are you gonna go for the "700p"?)
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    hey jack you know you can change your plan down or up any time to use up your roll over minutes right?
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    Well I could but the plan with the lower minutes is the same price as the one I have now. I almost did that afer the 1st month but said, oh well I will wait 2 or 3 months to make sure. By the 3rd month all the plan proces shot up. Now the $59.99 base plan is 550 minutes and I have 850 for the same price.
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    I am going to DUMP my beloved TREO 650 for Loox T830 soon as it is available.
    Did you all hear this ?
    Fujitsu makes quality products !!
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    WM5 devices arent ideal for an alarm in my experience. If someone has an easy to use program that allows the device to wakeup, let me know. The stock alarm just doesnt hack it for me. I need a timer alarm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtreosexual
    I am going to DUMP my beloved TREO 650 for Loox T830 soon as it is available.
    Are you in an area that doesn't require coverage in the 850 band ? As I recall the published specs are GSM (900/1800/1900MHz) and UMTS (2100MHz) support. My questions are will it support HSDPA3.6 and will the US version be quad band or 850/1800/1900 ? If the answer is yes, it will render the question of whethrr there will be a 700w in GSM irrelevant.

    OTOH, with respect to the POS versions of the Treo, a 240 x 240 screen, smaller battery and "Windows Immobilze Me 5.0" still give me pause.

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