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    I'm hoping some of the great people here will be able to help me ! My husband's company is looking into new phones. He has a Sprint 650 right now and absolutely hates it mostly because of Sprint. They've looked into the 700W, but the lack of push email and some other security features have led that one to be dead on arrival. He really wants a phone that will be useful worldwide as well as receive data out of the country, but that is a nice "phone".

    We were told that the Samsung i830 would do the trick. It is a brand new phone, almost exactly like the i730 but will handle global e-mail, has a sim card for GSM replication, uses the Verizon push e-mail, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and EVDO. I can find exactly this link on the phone but NOTHING else.

    Has anyone heard anything else? They are rather pricey!
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    You will be locked to Verizon's network, even on GSM you are locked with the VZW SIM card so forget about getting a local SIM when you get where you are going.

    GSM is dual band, not tri-band, not quad band.

    No camera on this phone. (The i730 has it)

    HUGE telescopic antenna

    Windows Mobile 2003, not 2005.

    If he needs world travel (I'm in the same boat) his best bet would be to stick with a GSM provider (t-mobile and Cingular).

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