I picked up a 2125 yesterday. I love all of the features and everything works fine EXCEPT...

I am having an issue where several times today I was able to make or recieve a call, only I was not able to be heard by the other party. They cant hear me at all, I hear them fine. This was in different cities, at different times today, with plenty of coverage. Only cure is to restart the phone.

I HAD THIS SAME ISSUE ON MY MPX220 prior to updating the firmware. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there anything that can be done to prevent it .

I tried to return to the local Cingular, but they are out of them until next week. Im not sure that another phone will be better, if this is an issue like we had with the MPX220.

Suggestions before I waste my time on hold with Cingular or running around trying to find one in stock. Rebooting the phone 5 times a day is not acceptable.