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    i had to go back to my treo from the k-jam not because of the wm 5.0 (which seemed nice in my opinion)...but because i want to hit tactile keys when on the phone and not the on screen that is why i am putting my eggs into the over priced lack there of support can only get a valid warranty if bought from your country hp ipaq 6920 (or is it the 25) whatever
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Treo
    OT, but what brand of mini-SD card are you using, please? I'm finally making the move over to the phone side of WM5, but most HTC models are mini-SD. The 700 is the only one allowing full size SD.
    Yeah, I noticed the mini-SD too. I don't think I like that. That, combined with the lack of hard button access would make me think twice. I use the touch screen a lot on the Treo but I would be a bit lost if I had to just use a touch screen (big fingers )
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