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    Quote Originally Posted by damigs
    As promised here are a few pics with the new device. Sorry for the quality as I was using my T650 to take them. After playing around with device I will say low res display kinda suxs in my opinion but with the ability to browse using Wifi is nice. Camera is nice and most of all 5 way navigation works on any screen your on. Keyboard is kinda ruff and but does light up entirely so it easy to see day or night.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy!

    thanks for the pictures. the hp unit looks very nice. how do you like the ms os? better or worse than the palm os? the screen on the hp unit also looks wider. i love the bright screen on my 650, but i wish it were wider.

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    Something from HTC because Palm sucks, so I want a Touch Pro, Touch HD, or a Treo Pro.
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    How does that D-Pad/joystick feel? Looks kinda weird.

    Next to the Treo, it looks big (wide), but I personally hate the Treo's thumbboard and would love to have a wider (Treo 300-like) thumbboard, so that's actually a good thing, IMO.

    How about some comparison pictures taken with both devices' cameras?
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    Absolutely. Compared to the 700w I would consider the HP to be 'better' in that it includes both GPS and 802.11b as long as the 700w isn't going to be HSDPA (which I don't know yet.) We already know the HP is EDGE only. I didn't think GPS would be all that nccessary on a phone until I was in SF last weekend and I would have found it convenient to figure out exactly where I was in relation to other places. I now think it would be really cool.

    802.11b it's a big deal because I don't think 802.11g would really be any faster on the PDA. The speed limitation will be the processing power, not the wifi. I use bluetooth on my Treo for internet access and it's not much faster than EDGE, even though bluetooth is capable many times faster.
    Similar goes for the USB. USB 1.1 is pretty slow. I wouldn't want to rely on it for getting large amounts of content on and off the device (like MP3, videos, map, etc.) But this is really only needed for hot syncing. If you need to get content on the device you can always take the mini-SD card out, put it in a card reader (using USB 2.0) and get your content on that way.

    So those two things are 'nice to haves' IMO but not a big deal.
    And the 240x240 screen is at least on-par with Treo 700w.
    Still it's a hard pill to swallow going from 320x320 (Treo 650) to 240x240 knowing there are WM5 devices out there with 320x240 resolution which as at least ok.

    But will the 700w for Cingular support HSDPA or will it only be EDGE. I don't think we know yet. I'll take a 700w with HSDPA over and HP with GPS and EDGE any day.

    I don't think I'm getting anything until I know what will be in the 700w for GSM. Well maybe I might get a moto Q as a 'toy' to tide me over until I get a REAL phone, depending on what the price will be

    I'm obsessing over this way too much. All I want is a hi res display, HSDPA, Wifi, and WM5 in a Treo like form factor. Heck I'd even settle for a slide out keyboard like the 8125 although I'd prefer not to. All for under $500.
    Is all of that too much to ask!?
    I don't get these references to a "USB 1.1 problem"? What USB port? The references are to the I/O slot, but that is a card slot, not a USB port. Is this a bogus problem or am I missing something here? Thanks for helping my state.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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