I notice the same thing sometimes: the review sites tend to be somewhat harsh, maybe because they need to knowing how influential they can be. I appreciate that total brutal honesty, complete consideration of all the functionality/usability factors, etc.

Then, users tend not to be so harsh, forgiving a lot of the flaws because they like the form factor, or because the device still is 90% satisfactory since they don't use all the features Q&A'd by the review sites. For example, I don't care about the cameras in communicators unless you start talking about 2MP with real flash. I've also been able to forgive the keyboard's tactile feedback since I think that's something I'll get used to over time (others have reported warming up to it after a while).

Overall, I still like this device after playing with a demo a bit. Once I finally get my own I will be testing absolutely every aspect of it though and may end up being as harsh as the review sites

Thank goodness for trial periods