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    Hi All,

    I need to replace my aging Treo600, and since it looks like ages until the Treo700p comes out, I'm considering the Treo700w and the Blackberry 8700.
    Anyone have any advise/recommendations about switching to one of these? I've seen lots of comments about how limited the software is on BB, and how Palm OS folks don't really like Windows mobile.

    I've struggled to find a good email set-up (getting exchange email with no re-directs and no server HW) in Canada thru Rogers. I was holding my breath for Chatter OWA but that has been abandoned

    I need it to be a good phone, and email, web and calendar are my primary uses. The other indispensible app for me has been SplashID.

    Any help would be appreciated...
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    The 8700 has a beautiful (stunning even) display. I kinda sorta like the scroll wheel (even at the expense of a touch screen). That said: I've not used one long enough to give an informed answer.

    I currently use the Treo 650, which is a wonderful device.
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    I have a 650 and used the 8700 and I have to say it is the best BB they have come out with. However, I had a problem with the bluetooth crackling quite a bit on calls. I used a HBH 662, M3000 and M3500 and everyone did the same thing. I got a second 8700 and the same thing. Also I really misse the touch screen and even though the browser is much better then previous BB's it does not even com close to the browser on the Treo.
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    in my brief experimentation with the 8700 I agree about the browser.

    also: While both the Treo 650 and 700w have decent cameras the 8700 has no camera at all. Not even a bad one.
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    I'm using an 8700c right now for work and I also own a Treo 650. I have to say, I'm very impressed with the stability of the BB OS. And as far as email goes? No contest. I'm a BIG Chatter fan - and I still swear by it on my Treo - but receiving email on a BlackBerry connected to BES is the Holy Grail!

    The only thing I wish for is a camera version. It's just nice being able to have one for any occasion.
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    I owned a 7290, 7100 and "2" 8700c's all while owning my 650 and I could not make the leap from the Treo to the BB. The 8700 was by far the best BB they have ever come out with. However, the Treo offers too much for me to convert. Also, regarding the e-mail, even though I am waiting for BB connect I think the only real benefit will be having the ability to invite people to meetings and doing corporate address look up. The reality is who really needs to get their e-mail more then every 5 minutes? I have seen this agrued on several forums and threads and have yet to find anyone who can truly say that their world would come crashing down if they only got e-mail every 5 minutes. I think push is a cool technology but and I will enjoy it with BB connect for my Treo, but it is not going to change the way I do business and use my Treo. Activesync works perfectly, syncs my calendar and gets my corporate e-mail every 5 minutes. With a 2200 battery in my phone I never run out of juice and that is with lots of phone use and BT running the entire time.
    Overall I am really happy with my Treo and was "almost" a BB convert. The 8700 is a great phone and tool but it is still not up to de-throning the Treo 650.
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    i love bb's any day of the week...but when i went from the treo 600 to the bb 7100r, i jumped back awfully quickly...(within a month). BB's are great dont get me wrong...but what BB's do are only email and they do it great. The Treo, well it does everything else. I found it hard not being to use my finger on the touch screen. I found it difficult to readjust to editing without direct point and click. But I truly do want to try out the 8700r, but I know if I do, i will be right back to the Treo 650.
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    I own a 700 and I've had a BB from T-mobile I believe it was the 7290. Email the BB wins no contest. Stability the BB wins no contest. The 700 has a better form. The BB is the device you use if you want to get things done. You use the 700 for style and WOW factor. The 700 is by far more stable than the 650. But it's more glitchy than the BB. My 700 almost never crashes. The OS doesn't work as smoothly as the BB. There is repainting of the screen and sometimes you need to press a button twice to get it to respond. It's not annoying at all, it's just not as polished as the BB. With push email, the 700 won't be that far behind the BB. For business, I'd recommend the BB hands down. Oh yeah, EVDO kicks major *** if you surf a lot. 700 destroys the BB there.
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    Now that my email solution is taken care of through the 8700c, I'm going to probably get a RAZR v3c on verizon (my primary carrier). So check this out: Verizon recently agreed to offer EV-DO tethering on its EV-DO capable phone, of which the RAZR is one. What does that mean for me? The Treo 650 is up for sale!

    I love Palm, but my greatest concerns are wireless coverage, OS stability and email. The 650 appears to be weaker that its value for the former two, and if it wasn't for Chatter it would flop in the latter as well!

    With my work BB 8700c, a v3c and my powerbook I can get my regular work done as well as my side hobbies and extracurricular work. That's a *complete* solution for me.

    But don't worry...I'll be back when the 800p is out.
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    having used about every smartphone/pdaphone/messaging phone around for the last 6 years...(yes, even the qualcomm pdQ) i have always leaned heavily toward the palm side of things-BUT-i recently picked up a bb 8700c and all i can say is "why cant palm do this?" it never crashes, has bb email, has a better keyboard, and has better rf and edge speeds than either of my gsm t650s. however, i really miss expandable memory and a camera. if these things are more important to you than they are me, the treo is a better choice. i have yet to play with a 700w, but i have owned 2 different WinMo5 handsets and both were kinda sluggish and so-so. could have been the hardware, though. if your curious, they were the cingular 2125 and the qtek 9100. i guess i have been spoiled by the quicker (and admittedly simpler) palm, blackberry, and symbian os'es but speed and stability are super important to me. just my .02

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