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    I want to get a small phone so I don't have to take my mini brick out on weekend nights, would there be a problem swapping the ESNs on Sprint every now and then? Is it possible?
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    Not yet.....sometime, hopefully this next year, they will be upgrading their system to a virtual SIM card swap. So all you have to do is send an email or make a quick phone call to switch ESNs. This is possible with the 3G network, which is why everyone phone has been assign a unique ID for each phone (first or

    Right now I just usually give out my landline phone number and then just forward to whatever phone I am using when I leave the office.
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    you CAN do an ESN swap between sprint phones, I did it. I hated carrying my treo with me out so I bought a second phone and made the 2nd phone my promary number (with my old treo phone number) and had my treo assigned a new number....worked perfectly and they share minutes on my plan. All I had to do was call them and they were swapped in a matter of hours.
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    Yes, this can be done....but not on the fly every time you leave your office. That is what is coming down the line.
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    Well my treo's out of commission now... so yes. But I've also done it when going on trips in fear of losing my treo.

    BTW-- thinking of upgrading my phone. I was interested in the Sprint Blade (samsung a900)... I have a treo 600. Should I just upgrade to a 650???
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    Does the ESN have to be pre authorized? Does it have to be carrier specific?
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    You have to have a Sprint phone to use it on the Sprint network.....if that answers your question.
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    So to switch ESNs I'd have to call Sprint everytime? Definitely look forward to the 'virtual SIM' you speak of...
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    If you're planning on ever using Sprint's Upgrade Program this action will reset your eligibility date everytime you swap between phones. I've done this and after two years I discovered I was not eligible for the rebate based on the fact that the phone currently on my plan had not been activated for a 2 year timeframe onto the account.

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