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    Today I talked with a person in the know at Sprint Corp office. He stated that there will be a new Samsung phone released late in Feb or March. I thought he said, it will be a WM05 device. He did say it would have a similiar form factor as the PPC-6600 with the keyboard sliding down. He was on the road and could not recall the model number off hand as he just heard about it.

    The only I could find with google was the this VZ phone Samsung SCH-i830, but this says it is only WM03:

    Anyone else get wind of this in any other blogs, contacts, etc....????
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    I'm not a big fan of sliding keyboards, but this looks nice.
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    Hey Hobbes,

    The i730 is running WM2003SE, but is due to have a WM5 upgrade sometime Q1 2006. The i830 is identical to the i730, except the WiFi has been taken out in favor of a GSM modem.

    I would love to have the i730 on Sprint, as I sure could use the WiFi a heck of a lot more than the GSM chipset, but I'm sure Sprint is anxious to add another 'world phone' to it's lineup.

    The Sprint i830 would likely just ship with WM5 already installed on it.
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    IMO the I730 felt too thick compared to something like the 6600.

    And I would definitely prefer the wifi option over the GSM chipset. :-D

    Hobbes: How about bugging that high ranking official at the Sprint Corp office for some more clarification on when the 6600 evdo rom upgrade will come ;-)
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