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    Now that we see $50 rebates available on the purchase of a Palm IIIxe, does anyone think that Handspring will offer a similar rebate on the Visor Deluxe?

    My wife is looking at purchasing a PDA, and we're not quite sure which to purchase. I have a VDX (but no springboards, yet), so we're thinking that we could share peripherals if she bought a VDX. On the other hand, the IIIxe is cheaper, has flash ROM, but we would not be able to share peripherals. Then again, if I decide in future to ditch the VDX and my wife buys a IIIxe, then we could share any peripherals that she may buy if my next PDA is a Palm. Her company is offering to purchase the PDA and some peripherals - probably a keyboard and maybe a modem.

    It's difficult to guess which way Palm/Handspring will go in a year or two. Are we going to be sticking with Handspring products or will Palm be the way to go?

    I don't want to start a discussion about Palm vs Handspring in terms of the two PDA's mentioned here (I think the 2 units are the same essentially) but what do you guys think about the points I've raised? I'd like to hear some other points of view.


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