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    Do any of you use EV-DO in the San Francisco area? I am considering the PPC-6700, and I am weighing all the benefits. If I could get Wi-Fi and EV-DO in SF, I may change. I am using a Treo 600 right now, and moving up to a Treo 650 would not really benefit me. Any opinions on this upgrade from you guys would be appreciated.

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    if you're actually in sf i don't see why it shouldn't work all the time. i'm up in marin where it gets a little sketchy somtimes when i'm in buildings and where there might be interference. outside it's usually pretty good though. i remember showing a friend my transfer rate while in the averaged about 900 k/s
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    I'm in Marin too. Sprint (EVDO) works fine for me here. I work in SF, so it's even better there, plus there's a lot of wireless connections. One of the biggest impacts using the 6700 over the Treo 650 is the speed connecting to the internet. Night and day.
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    I bought the 6700 today, and the EV-DO works great in SF!! I cannot believe how much better this thing surfs than the Treo. I know this is a Treo forum, but I am totally in love with this thing. It is MUCH better than the Treo!!! Wow! EV-DO rocks!
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    if you haven't done so already check out the 6700 forum at pdaphone. you'll find tons of useful information there.
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    There is a bit of difference depending on what time of day you're using it. On a rockin' weekday where it's on full business mode in downtown S.F. it's hard to get anything other than the 400-700k that Sprint advertises. I'm sure the network must be loaded with users. I am not complaining but just for comparison out of the booming downtown S.F., in Livermore and Pleasanton, I see consistent 1.2-1.8Mbps speeds on a much quieter weeknight or weekend. I think Sprint more than rivals Verizon on EVDO usage in this area since they came live at about the same time but I think has better capacity to handle the massive increase in users in late 2005. Strictly speaking coverage though, Sprint EVDO is excellent throughout the Bay. Just about everything including the Bay itself is blanketed with 'DO ,unpopulated areas such as Twin Peaks in S.F. and the Hayward Hills being the exception.
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    Could someone run a few sample speed tests?

    I'm interested in using this for real time applications in particular Microsoft Remote Desktop. I've read latency makes this experience unworkable.

    I'm interested in the Manhattan New York also.

    I use mspeed test
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    Update: I am trying Sprint's EVDO in downtown Manhattan right now. I am using Merlin's PC Card which according to the Sprintel store on Vanness is rated for higher throughput (higher power usage also). I am getting a getting just under 1mb down with a paltry 120+ kb up. Latency is appoximately 0.7 ms. This connection won't support my company VPN so I'm returning this when I return home.

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