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    Mine will be here Tuesday/Wednesday... anyone know if Verizon has kept it similar to the PPC6700, or did they do some great functionality disabling for me (sarcasm intended)?
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    i have returned my 700w for the xv6700 i hope i have better luck, i was comparing the 2 at the sprint store and the screen and the memory was better. it seemed faster to don't know if the keyboard will hold up though
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    Possibly, VZW made some small improvements on their device. I have had mine only 24 hours or so and so far so good. Found a couple of good hacks that helped over at

    No DSOD so far, and the PhoneOff.wav file that was 700 K on the SPCS device is not on the VZW handset.

    Changes were obviously made. WiFi shuts down the cell radio which is no big deal for me, but a hack may already be available.

    Bob Duckworth

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