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    Seeing the Amazon deal (With MCI & Coupon) I was interested in perhaps upgrading to the Prism from my Visor Deluxe. Originally I was going to wait to see what Palm had to offer, but with that great a price...

    What updates in v4.0 make it worth waiting for? Accessing memory direct seems to be the main thing, and I know with color apps they're gonna be taking up more room. I imagine all the new Palms will use the 32Mhz processor, any news on if they'll have 16mb built in? Is there anything else thats worth the wait?

    5.0 seems to be the great update, so I was planning on the Prism to be a small stepping stone...but still...

    Matt Nichols
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    Anyone who has actually seen one of the new Palms can't say anything due to NDA; and I've still not seen enough talk by "real" Palm OS developers to get a feel for just how effective and useful the security enhancements will be. I'm also curious about what sort of trade-offs are needed to work with large memory blocks. None of this answers your question of course . . . so my best guess follows . . .

    I don't see any new killer features unless you need to work with really large files. There will probably be a few new apps that won't run on OS versions prior to v4, but all the mainstream apps will continue to run on the Visors just fine. The more niche oriented you are, the more you should be concerned. For example, your IT group might write an app that will only run on OS 4; but shareware, freeware and other software developers are unlikely to drop support for OS 3.

    Even if the security enhancements are as useful as PQAs have been, you won't be stuck with a useless device. Recall that PQAs are the only real semi-mainstream feature that the old Visors lack; yet they can still function adequately with at least one of the wireless modems. I doubt the situation will be much worse in other areas when OS 4 is released.

    Finally, I doubt that Palm (and the Palm development community) is going to alienate all those folks who got m100s this past year by completely dropping support for OS 3. Remember, the m100 users are in the same boat with Platinum and Prism owners - the OS 3.5 boat that is.

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