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    Nice little flip. Seems fairly solid after a couple of days use. Transferred all my contacts over via BT from my ppc with no trouble. Great speaker phone, awesome screen, (even better than the 650 is my memory is serving me properly) Is typical Samsung in overexaggerating signal strength, but at the end of the day it is on par with the 650 in regards to rf performance.

    Other things I like;
    Ringers are loud as hell
    Sub display looks great
    Black, metal case is sooo nice

    Things I hate;

    No way to sync calender events with outlook (why the hell is this such an elusive feature on typical phones)

    Charger port is on the left upper side of the phone- Plus the "plug" cover is attached in sticks out so the phone almost has to lie face down on the charger.

    I'll ditch it in a few days. Just wanted to try it out. (like very other device that hits the market) While it is great to have such a small, light and stylish phone I am too spoiled by integrated devices.
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    Can we see some pictures of it if you still have it?
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    I bought this same phone for my wife and she loves it. Great Bluetooth and fantastic screen.

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