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    So i am torn here... I want a smart phone and have been looking at the treo 650.. Just the point that you have to invest so much into software is the downside to me.. I have been looking at the P910a, and even though it is a year old, it seems to be one of the most stable phones out there today. I know the P990 is coming, but it will probbly be 900$ and i cant afford that. Otherwise i can wait for the HTC 8125, which is a PPC... But how would you guys rate the P910A to the Treo 650? Likewise with the 8125.. The reason i like the 8125 is because of the built in Wifi, and wherever i go, i have access to wifi, which could eliminate the use of a data plan... However i plan on getting a powerbook soon and how would that work with a mac interface being that it is windows based?
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    I had the P900 (for a month or so) and wasn't impressed. The screen was in a totally different class than that of the 650. I think that the 910 has a new screen and perhaps the 990 even a newer one. I'm not sure. The 900 didn't have the QWERTY, but I don't like the looks of the keyboard on the 910, especially compared to the treo. I don't recall it ever rebooting, though, but I didn't do anything except out of the box stuff, so I'm sure 3rd party apps would crash it just as they do palm and PPC devices.

    The 8125 still doesn't have quite the screen quality of the treo (though it is larger, the brightness and resolution are worse) and loses some of the one handed convenience (I have really grown fond of the quick contact find feature--type an initial or two and dial), but honestly, if I were buying a new smartphone today (or soon), it would be the 8125.

    As for mac, I think you need an add on product for the PPC (as you do nowadays with the palm). Perhaps called the missing sync?? Anyway, no worries. It'll work.

    Good luck.
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    The P910 was a really good phone for me, but it is only that. For some people, the PDA functions make it worth the price, but they really are not as good as the features of the Treos or Windows Mobile devices. The integration with Outlook is not good, I did not enjoy messaging, the keyboard is useless, handwriting takes too much work, and the contacts application omitted imporatant fields of information. Buy it as a phone with some PDA function, but it is not really good enough to compete with the Treo, and certainly not with WM.

    I am using the Qtek 9100 and there is no way I'd go back to the SE phone. I'd take a Blackberry first.

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