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    -Smart Gigabyte launches the first PDA phone featuring TV. The built-in Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 provides the best PDA and PIM (Personal Information Management) solutions for business persons . Besides basic PDA phone functions, g-Smart is equipped with Bluetooth, Wi - Fi and comprehensive English-Chinese two way electronic dictionary. Moreover, the analog TV , up-to-date PAPAGO G10 navigation system and a free 256MB Mini SD card are apt to enrich your leisure life.

    ●Mobile Office: Built-in MS Office suite helps manage emails and documents when you are out of the office.

    ● Data Security: The new Windows Mobile 5.0 has built-in support for persistent storage so that when the battery drains completely, your data remains intact.

    ● Wireless Connectivity: The built-in Wi-Fi facilitates a high-speed network connection.

    ● Wireless Bluetooth: g-Smart supports Bluetooth stereo headset and Bluetooth GPS, providing you a complete wireless environment.

    ● Background Effects: Unique background environment simulating sounds during calls ensures your whereabouts are secured and private.

    ● Multimedia: Featuring with TV/ FM/ MP3/ MPEG4 player and 2.1 mega pixel camera with video recording function, g-Smart is a powerful multimedia center for you.

    ● Navigation: Equipped with PaPaGo G10, g-Smart guides you with 3D maps of Taiwan and voice navigation system when traveling.

    ●Voice Command: The slider phone with voice commends and hot key simplifies the phone operation.

    Service - GSM 900/1800/1900 , GPRS class 10
    Main Display
    - 2.4 inch, 262k color TFT LCD touch panel, 240 x 320 pixels
    - 109 × 53.5 × 24 mm
    Weight - 153g (including battery)
    - Li-Ion 840 mAh, Li-Ion 1300mAh is also available for purchase Talk Time: 3 hours
    Talk Time - Digital Talk Time up to 3 hours
    Standby - 110 hours
    Phonebook - Maxium 500 contacts.
    Operating System - Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition
    CPU - Intel PXA272, 416 MHz
    Memory - ROM 64 MB, RAM 64 MB
    Multimedia Messaging Service - E-mail, SMS, MMS, MSN Messenger, Windows Mobile Direct Push
    Camera - 2.1 mega pixels with macro function, digital zoom, and video recording
    Music/Video - MP3/MPEG4 player
    Radio - FM
    Music - MP3 Player
    Ringtone - 192 polyphonic ringtone (64 polyphonic played simultaneously)
    Voice command
    - Voice dialing and commands
    Data Transfer Interface
    - Bluetooth 1.2.1, Mini USB 1.1
    Wi-Fi - WLAN 802.11b
    Dictionary - 100k words dictionary.
    - GPRS/WAP2.0
    External Memory - Mini SD (256MB Mini SD card is enclosed)

    Mmm, a smartphone bundled with software for playas What next

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    but it can hold only 500 contacts. ;-)
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    Its in the interest of your health. More than one a night may kill you

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    ● Background Effects: Unique background environment simulating sounds during calls ensures your whereabouts are secured and private.
    What's that all about?
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    You can be sitting in a quiet cafe talking on your phone and the phone might generate "noisy bus station" noises into your conversation. It's very cloak-n-dagger stuff.
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    First AKU 2 device with Messaging and Security Feature Pack ships! Gigabyte G-Smart
    Some sites have been incorrectly claiming there are delays in AKU 2 availability (which is complete nonsense) - to prove there aren't any delays....

    Here is the first AKU 2 device - the Gigabyte G-Smart!

    AKU 2 contains the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5 which provides the 'Direct Push' email capability.

    The Gigabyte G-Smart is shipping in Taiwan and is from a new Windows Mobile OEM Gigabyte - the device is pretty innovative coming with a built-in TV and FM Tuner!

    The first of a plethora of AKU 2 devices to hit the market

    There is a great ad on MSN TW -

    If this device has Exchange push email, surely the Treo 700w will have too?

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