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    I just spent a little while fiddling around with a Jasjar that a buddy of mine has. He has it on T-Mobile and states he paid about $850 for it.

    First, let me say that I have no experience using a WM device, so my play time with it was seriously limited by this. I'm sure that if I spent some more time playing with it, or if I had prior experience, I would have a lot more to say.

    The device is incredibly solid and GORGEOUS. It feels far more sturdy than any other device I have tried, including the 650. OTOH, it is huge! I searched around and have seen it described as a mini-laptop. Well, that's almost true, but really, I would have to describe it as being more of a large PDA. I would have a real hard time wearing it on by belt all day, and could never see myself walking around with it in my pocket.

    The screen is beautiful and enormous. It rotates on a solid-feeling swivel and flips back to form a candy-bar phone. There are extra side Send/End buttons for this mode. Converting it is something that either takes some effort to do, or takes some getting used to. I'm not sure.

    It was running WM5, which I guess from reading around, is supposed to be a big improvement over WM3. It seems to function very much like my PC and is intuitive to any PC user. That being said, I have become comfortable using only my keyboard on my 650 and I don't think that the 5-way on this device (or is it because of WM5) is fully compliant with even it's own operating system. For example, when the device is open in its laptop-style mode, you can easily hit the Windows button to open the Start button. However, when in the candy-bar mode, I could not find a way to hit the start button without using my finger or the stylus. Again, I could be wrong, but felt a constant need to grab the stylus.

    I did not get a chance to do any surfing. Sorry.

    Overall, this device is really impressive and I see it as an excellent substitute for a laptop. My biggest problem with it is that it is GSM and I really want to stay with Vz.

    Anybody else there get a chance to play with one of these bad boys?
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    Jasjar is also known as HTC Universal, MDA IV and VPA IV. You will find few threads about this phone in this forum. As far as i know Universal is not availabe in CDMA.

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