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    anyone know of any office apps compatible with the vx9800, and how to go about installing them?

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    How's that device working out for you? Can you share your likes and dislikes about this device?
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    I could never find anything.

    You're limited to what's available through the Get It Now feature of the phone.

    ronbo, here are my thoughts on the device after using it for a while.......

    E-mail on the V is not great. You use Verizon's "Wireless E-mail" application. It's similar to the Blackberry Web Client. But here are the problems. E-mail is not pushed. You can only set the device to poll at a time interval. And the kicker is the most you can set it to poll is every hour. The other option you have is to manual sync, which is what I was doing since I wanted my mail more often than every hour. It's sort of a pain because the only way to check for mail is to open the keypad. So you go through a few steps, open the keypad, find the Wireless E-mail app, tell it to sync and then wait for e-mail to be downloaded.

    They charge you $19.99 per month for the Wireless E-mail application. That's on top of your voice plan, on top of your web plan, on top of your text and pix message plan and on top of your V Cast plan.

    I think that's another negative.

    Another problem. URL links that are in e-mails are not hyper linked. You would think that if you clicked on a URL inside an e-mail it would launch the phone's web browser. Well it doesn't. Even worse, there's no copy and paste within the e-mail app. So basically if someone sends you an e-mail with a link you have to open you'd have to either memorize it or write it down and then manually enter it into the Web browser.

    E-mail aside the phone is awesome. Bluetooth, camera, V-Cast (my kids loved watching Dora the Explorer on it) the keypad is perfectly spaced etc. But if you do a lot of e-mail it's not the device for you.
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    The bluetooth on this phone is better. The same HS850 that only gets the headset profile with the Treo, gets handsfree profile with voicedialing out of the box.

    It also has voice announce of calls and text messages. You can have it read text messages and notes aloud.

    It has 18 bit (= 256k colors) so pictures/video are very crisp.

    The keyboard is nice. I prefer it to the Treo's because it is more spaced out. The keys are similar to pagers that I have used in the past.

    The voice quality is a lot better.

    The major downside is the lack of 3rd party apps, but if I'm going to do something heavyweight, I use my laptop anyway.

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