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    Let me begin by saying that I'am absolutely in love with the Treo series. These phones are amazing and at this point I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have one.

    Now on to the topic. I'm a huge fan of the new LG VX-9800's form factor. I love the clamshell pda. For those of you that don't know what phone I'm speaking of, here is a link.

    One of my buddies has this phone and I've checked it out. I like it, its neat. Has a lot of nice features such as, EV-DO, 1.3 MP camera, BT 1.1, etc..... The only thing I really like about this phone is that its a clamshell pda. There is no touch screen, screen is worse than the 650 and has no real OS.

    I would love to see the same form factor of a treo! That would be awesome! Maybe I'm the only one that likes the clamshell look but I think someone should look into it.
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    See the link in my signature.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Hahaha, good call, I like where your heads at.
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    I wonder how long Palm will stick with the current Treo form factor? The 700w is not really different then the 650 and I would imagine they'd use the same case for the 700p. I really like the current form factor and would only make it thinner and w/o the antenna. I'd go for the addition of a flip to protect the screen and keyboard, but only if it could be incorporated in a way that doesn't add bulk. Maybe like the Handspring Treo in Scott R's link, only thinner.

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