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    I myself have a seperate SMPT that I use to send pics. Since gmail dosent work. I wouldnt pay extra for sprints picture mail.
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    I just tried it to confirm........Yes Webis Mail allows you to send any attachment, including pictures.
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    Well, I guess that just moved up the list of software I need to buy

    (*mutters under breath...Marc oh Marc...would you please port Chatter over :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Do you PPC owners still have and use the Treo's?

    Why would you hang around TREO-Central? Just curious. .. not trying to be pushy or anything..

    I actually bought my PPC-6700 (Sprint) about a 5 weeks ago. I however still carry my Treo 650 on my person. The 6700 is relegated to use only in the office. I have not yet activated it on the sprint network...I use the wifi connectivity and a Skype VOIP account to conduct phone calls.

    I use all the Outlook and other integration capabilities to office applications. Works very nice.

    Primary reason I have not fully moved over to carrying the PPC with me everywhere is that I have a huge dependancy of using SplashData's SplashID on my Treo.. they have not yet come out with a Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible version (and yes aware of other Pocket PC compatible SlpashID-Like apps..but they just don't compare)

    But overall I'm itching to start carrying the PPC everywhere...The WIFI is a big plus along with the EVDO (which I've been able to test with the PPC i purchased for my wife (before I got mine... )

    I'm also beta'ing Slingbox's PocketPC version of the application and running in both Wifi and EVDO modes. Very nice to be able to access your Tivo recorded shows anywhere anytime.

    TO be honest I was waiting to see final specs on the 700W. I was unimpressed by the screen resolution and do not want to go back to 240X240...also my understanding is that is is based upon the Windows Mobile SmartPhone version of the OS vs Windows Mobile Pocket PC...not sure of all differences but I know Pocket PC is more robust...

    Seeing that a 700W is priced comparable to a PPC-6700 .. i would highly advise getting the 6700...higher video res (320X240), wifi, and the latesest greatest Windows Mobile OS platform.

    I feel that it took me about two weeks to get accustomed to the usability changes between the Treo and the PPC... to everyone elses' comments a degree of one-handed use is lost with the PPC...however I have compensated by using Microsoft Voice Command (it ROCKS!) to basically a "no handed" environment. Can't Beat "Call Wife at HOME" or "Open Google" or "Play Linkin Park" ....

    Interesting enough as noted before I purchased a PPC for my wife first ...she was a regular cell phone user that was starting to have needs to store calendar events and do more email on the road while picking up kids etc... so I took a chance and got her the PPC as opposed to the Treo.... As luck would have it her familiarity with Windows make her learning time go very quickly. She was not even a big digital media / music expert...very quickly she learned how to download music or rip off a cd and sync to her PPC with the automatic conduits provided through ActivSync and Windows Media Player...

    She's now an expert in remote mail, web browsing and music playing.,..she loves Microsoft Voice Command as well and with kids and driving going on all at the same time...a quick "Call Husband" is much easier than fiddling with the unit.

    Well just a few ramblings by someone who was tired of waiting on Palm....I've been with Palm for about 6 years ...was a big Palm VII developer...handspring and then palm again ... but i feel Palm has fallen behind especially in the Palm OS device arena... the 700W is a step towards the future..but as with all first steps it's lacking...

    More itterations to come...but for now I think the PPC beats even the 700W as well as the Treo 650 overall ..but all boils down to your own personal needs and requirements.
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