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    I'm trying to assist a co-worker with a PalmVx. He's lost the ability to access the desktop or hotsync manager. Whenever he tries to access them he gets the following message

    The ordinal 6569 could not be located in dynamic link library MFC42.DLL.

    When it comes up for HotSync it's ordinal 6880. Just for the heck of it I tried to open Install Tool from programs list and it gave a different number but all else is the same.

    I re-installed the Palm software but still get the messages. Is this a Palm problem or a problem with his system? He's running WinNT sp6.

    The only 3rd party software he runs is BackupBuddy.

    Any one with a Palm have any suggestions? Thanks

    Update: I did a search and found 2 files MFC42.DLL, one in the Palm folder and one in (WINNT\SYSTEM32 -- different sizes and different dates

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    The MFC group of files is a set of files delivered by MS for performing certain system functions. The problem with them is that they are not well versioned. There are several iterations of MFC42.dll. If you install something like a printer driver or Palm Desktop, it will install a version. It is pot-luck that the version of mfc42.dll will be the latest one that the software installs - if it is older and on of your other programs relies on the newer code of the older version, you get a crash. I think the thing to do is to rename the older versions and to re-install the software that is crashing. It should re-assert the right version when it sees mfc missing.

    There is a good list of the familiy of dlls in the MFC group here:,CASE=3851

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