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    I thought you might like a peek at the new Verizon PPC-6700. Enjoy!
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    Thanks for the photos, but I just can't see using WM5 or a flipout keypad. I am constantly on the go, either driving or with a briefcase, etc in one hand. No time to use 2 hands.

    Any word if VZW fixed the SMS format? Sprint's is awful (I send/receive ~100 a day, nothing to date beats the Treo's implementation of SMS chat, etc).

    Thanks again for the pics. Looks good for a Microsoft fan.
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    Looks interesting; however, I'll let others do the beta testing.

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    Black with a slideout silver keyboard, now that's ugly.
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    imo black is much better than silver, but it should have being all black.
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    I would like to see pictures with it in your hand typing.
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    Oh My...

    That thing is fugly. I don't think I want to sneek up on that thing when it's dark. It looks like it's ready to bite.

    The keyboard hanging out of that thing looks like the grill from a '49 Hutmobile. The phone and grill, ur uh keyboard, looks like it should be glued to the dash of the '49 Hutmobile for easy one handed operation.

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