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    Like the title says, I want a calendar and contact service or protocol that Palm Pre can sync with that isn't Gmail or Exchange. Looking for hosted services, open source projects or specific protocols that would work (that I can then try and track down a product I like that does that protocol).

    Currently using Gmail for Domains or whatever they call it now. Don't really like Google's new strategy for search (pushing google+ and other google services on you) or there new privacy policy. Plus, I get multiple times daily I get a random error about bad password even though the saved password is correct, super annoying.

    I don't want to pay for exchange server or pay monthly for office 365.

    e-mail is easy, any service with imap will work, but I can't seem to find something that will sync directly with WebOS. From what I can tell it doesn't work with ldap protocol for contacts or any of zoho's services directly but can't really verify that. No idea if horde or the like would work (seems like not).

    I guess kinda the same question for WP7 if you know, but I currently am still holding on to my Palm Pre, so that's more imediate.
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    You can use CDAV & cardDAV.
    Use CALDAV to maintain Google calendar sync | pivotCE
    C+DAV synergy connector updated for webOS | pivotCE

    Some available services are listed in the second article. There is also nextCloud, a fork of ownCloud. See also the service pack link below.
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    I use SOGo (, self-hosted solution that has native C*DAV and EAS (Exchange/Enterprise ActiveSync). For my Pre2 I use EAS, 'cos I failed to setup CardDAV contact sync (may be my contact database though, it has complicated history and some really weird entries). So, if you simply don't want Exchange server, but have no objections to protocol, there's another way, with builtin EAS client.
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    I have no clue whether it'll work as its been a while since I broke out my Pre but I use FastMail and it uses CalDAV and CardDAV for syncing. But then again you aren't keen on paying so we can scrap that.
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