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    WebOS developers are awesome!
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    We can certainly dream!
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    It seems a license must be signed to contribute, but at first glance, it just seems to be protection against legal action should some random dev submit code they didn't write themselves. Apparently this fairly normal for larger projects.

    There's almost certainly good stuff here for LuneOS - even if it just in the form of work they don't have to do themselves. I'm doubtful LG will be leaping to make a webOS phone. If it happens, it will be after there's an eco-system around it (a webOS internet of things). Like Tizen, it's a hedge against Google getting too powerful, but Android remains too big to go up against yet.
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    Initial analysis from WebOS Ports side: Seems fairly complete and up-2-date, however our test build is still running to see if it builds successfully. 85 components have been open sourced of which roughly 30 are currently used by WebOS Ports for LuneOS and could potentially be updated, keeping in mind most of these components haven't been updated in LuneOS since work op Open webOS was stopped by LG at some point. To keep things in perspective: There are roughtly 2500 components used for building the whole OS, so 30 is a fairly small number. From the other 55 "new" components we'd need to assess on a 1 by 1 basis to see what might be possibly useful.
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