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    Hello Community,

    I stumbled across the Open Source documentation for the LG Watch Urbane LTE (W120L), the LG webOS Smartwatch from 2015.

    You can find it at LG OpenSource Code Distribution (
    Scroll down the Model List under Mobile Devices to the entry and klick the yellow folder icon to download the sources.
    LGW120L LGW120L_WebOS(SmartWatch)_W120L_v10a

    The download is 1,1GB large.

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    I'm just curious about the utility. So, this is actual code, not licenses?
    Would this potentially enable customisation of LGwebOS watch software (patching, extending)?
    Is it possible (in theory at least) to replace the watch code (e.g. LuneOS watch - not that I see that having much point)?
    Can the code be reused in other webOS projects (e.g. LuneOS)? Obviously, the UI would need a rewrite.
    Is there anything in there that would actually have a use beyond watch tinkering and if so, what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    So, this is actual code, not licenses?
    Well, I'm not that familiar with coding but it seems it is the actual code (Version 1.0a - I don't know if the watch ever got an update).

    The content of the readme reads as follows:
    LGW120L OpenSource
    | gcc
    | GPL_2.0
    | LGPL_2.0_2.1/
    + How to compile 
    1. set your toolchain path (with gcc)
    2. extract src
    3. apply patch
    4. cd (target directory)
    5. make
    + How to compile Linux kernel
    1. set your toolchain path (ex. export PATH=(toolchainPath):$PATH)
    2. extract linux kernel src
    3. cd (kernel directory)
    4. make
    I can't tell you if the code is actually able to be compiled and run, it might be things have been left out.
    Within the 1,4GB webos-breadnut tarball there are MakeFile(s), *.h, *.cpp, *.pro, ...
    There's also a Sierpinski Carpet (fractal image) under \PerformanceTests\SVG\resources\SierpinskiCarpet.svg

    There are also tarballs for qtwayland, qt5-qpa, iptables, connman, ... many librarys (lib*).
    In fact: many things to I don't understand but might be of interest to some.
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    I'll try to see if I can download it tonight & have a look into the code. Might have some things that could be of use, but to be honest I doubt it'll have much. Palm in the past only released patches to existing open source components & kernel code. I suspect LG did the same now. This isn't very helpful for other projects.
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