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    This may not be the simplest way, but it works and is doable even if you are not very techy, which I am not. I got it from a 2010 You Tube Video and I'll put the link at the bottom of this message.

    You will need Internalz Pro, IPK Packager, and webOSQuickInstaller,
    Here is the link to download IPK Packager Ipk Packager.jar - ipk-packager - Ipk Packager v1.6 - Cross-Platform webOS Ipk Packager - Google Project Hosting

    1) Connect your phone or Touchpad to PC and put into USB Moder
    2) Create IPK Package folder in USB Mode using Internals Pro
    3) Copy each application file using Internalz Pro from Internalz/media/cryptos/apps/usr/palm/applications
    4) Place the copy of your application file into yoiur newly created IPK Packages folder
    5) When all applications have ben copiued and moved into the newly created IPK folder, copynthe entire IPK Packages folder and place the copy on your desktop
    6) Open the jar file IPK Packager
    7) Copy the desired application folder from the IPK Packages folder you placed on your desktop, and place it in
    the upper left corner of IPK packager in the folder line
    8) Go to the bottom left of IPK Packager and click on "Create IPK File" and have it created on your desktop
    9) Connect any webOS device to PC that you wish to create an application on
    9) Open webOSQuickInstall, and leave it on the page where it opens. Do not open the Homebrew Directory
    10) Drag the newly created IPK file to webOSQuickInstall
    11) Install the application ipk to the webOS device with webOSQuickInstall

    This works-I've tried it and proven it works. You can avoid another method that involves deleting and reloading all your applications, or adding a patch.

    Here's the 2010 YouTube video link that shows how to do this. My IPK's appeared immediately, not as slow as in the video:
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    The issue is with packages that contain services and accounts. Basically you should copy the whole /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm folder.
    I don't know what IPK Packager can do... but palm-package can be used to create IPKs for those more complex apps. Basically for each folder in packages do this:

    1. Open the packageinfo.json in text editor
    2. Note down the id (should be identical to the folder in packages)
    3. Note down the name after "app" without quotes
    4. Note down name after "services" without brackets and quotes
    5. Note down all entries after "accounts" (yes, this can be multiple).
    6. Open a command line on your PC (after copying all folders)
    7. Browser to the folder where you copied all contents from /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm
    8. For each app run this command line:
    palm-package packages/<id> applications/<app> services/<service> accounts/<account1> accounts/<account2> ...
    Leave away things you did not find. Also add all accounts.

    You will need to have the SDK installed (3.0.5 is fine for phones, too). And you will need to add the folder with palm-package stuff to your path.

    If an app has no folder in packages, then the above method is sufficient. But if there is a folder there, you will b e missing a service or account and the app probably won't work if installed on a fresh device. So be sure to doulbe check the packages folder.
    In fact, you probably don't even need to create the IPKs. It is sufficient to just copy the folders, keep them, to reinstall copy them to device again and reboot. All the apps should show up and be properly configured (not 100% sure about the last thing).
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