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    Quote Originally Posted by homer14z View Post
    from the forbes article:

    Forbes spoke with Dr. Ahn following the Monday press event where he stated that LG’s plan is to move WebOS into many other devices in your life–everything from thermostats and refrigerators to cars. He explained that a lighter version of the OS could be released to provide the user experience for every new device out there.

    “We can eventually expand WebOS into other Internet of Things products,” said Dr. Ahn in the interview. “We have to communicate well with other platforms like Android and iOS while also growing our own platform. … We’d like to make a lighter, smaller version of WebOS to apply to home appliances or some other possible mobile devices—but not mobile phones, it’s already been done. We’re gradually expanding the program.”
    Link for the above: CES 2015 TV Technology Preview: What's Hot, What's Not - Forbes

    That seems pretty definitive.

    Note that Samsung's Tizen phone efforts have been very tentative also. It seems to me that this is because of Google apps and services. Regardless of OS, Google have the simple advantage of having LOTS OF STUFF. At this point, dumping Android is potentially suicidal.

    If LG succeeds in it's stated plans to build an eco-system and if Samsung do the same with Tizen (they may be further ahead with this), then moving their respective OSs to phones may be the final piece of the puzzle (i.e. won't happen for a while, if ever). In fact, if Samsung make a significant move to phones with Tizen, LG may feel compelled to match their rival. For now, LuneOS is the only player in this area. Note that any new webOS apps should run on it, though some rewriting for the move to a handheld screen maybe required, so LuneOS can benefit from LG eco-system plans...
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    Quote Originally Posted by willson_john View Post
    Hello akitayo

    You can get full deatils on WebOS-powered Smartwatch here: LG Plans to release WebOS-powered Smartwatch Next Year - I Wanna Be A Geek! I just read that.
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