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    Hi everyone,
    from reading some news about the future of web technologies on mobile i was wondering as you all do how a shame it is that webOS practically disappeared from this market.. (Smart TVs are not mobile phones..).

    Along with it i was also wondering about the Firefox OS project, a project indeed which is updating very fast and it seems to have met a large support from tech companies and operators. Firefox OS has many things in common with the webOS (and even many things which are different, i know) but it still miss a global brand to be to it what Nokia has been to the Windows Phone platform.

    Considering how HP it's trying to figure out how to make a come back in the mobile market i was then just making some fantasies about a restoring of the Plam brand. This might be the one to launch Mozilla's platform to the next level and bring on some higher end devices with the web based os in it.
    By supporting Enyo (which seems to be the most important thing left out of the past) Palm might develop on top of the already pretty common Firefox OS and supporting Mozilla's efforts with some good enigeering might let the operating system grow quicker.

    The Firefox OS it's going to power not only smartphones but all kind of connected devices in the coming future, so i see a lot of potential by trying to blend the openwebos project and enyo with it. I think it shouldn't be a very tragic process to switch from the webkit architecture to the Gecko based one.

    What do you think of a new brand Palm powered by Firefox OS, with devices like smartphones and tablets, accessories and wearables?
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    That would be difficult since LG and Qualcomm now own what's left of Palm...
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    loads of former employees are long gone and working elsewhere, HP simply has no interest in feeding funds into webOS, as mentioned above, ownership etc has changed hands.

    theres nothing really left to try and recall/reassemble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    That would be difficult since LG and Qualcomm now own what's left of Palm...
    LG and Qualcomm received Palm patents from HP. But AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ &$quot$;$Palm$&$quot$; $brand$ $is$ $still$ $in$ $HP$ $hands$ - $and$ $HP$ $still$ $runs$ $the$ $palm$.$com$ $domain$.

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