Interesting article.
Wonder how well these apps will look on the webOS tv browser.

"Under the covers, webOS TVs rely on HTML5 for app development. Colin Zhao, Director of Product Management in the webOS TV team, told me any HTML5 app will run in the browser on the TV. To illustrate his point, he said the Pandora app that runs on the new TVs is exactly the same app that ran on the previous generation of NetCast TVs. Also, apps built using the LG smart TV alliance API will run unmodified on webOS TVs. Finally, Mr. Zhao told me that LG will no longer certify apps to run on the TV, removing another time-consumer step for app developers (see clarification below.)

This is good news for potential purchasers of the new television. Rather than having to wait for months for apps to arrive, there will be between 500 and 1000 apps available when they ship....

[3/14/14 Mr. Zhao offered the following clarification regarding app certification:

LG will still operate the LG Store for TVs which will provide downloadable apps and content – for this distribution mechanism, LG will still certify apps that are listed in our app store.
Additionally, as we are a big proponent of open web development, web applications can also be run on our TV through our browser, and in April, by flinging an app to our TV from the 2nd screen – all without certification. ]"

Fast app resume, open app platform distinguish LGs webOS TVs | nScreenMedianScreenMedia