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    First pictures LG webOS TV at CES 2014

    LG Electronics is 7 to 10 held in the United States the world's largest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, '2014 CES 'showcase at this year's massive product strategy.

    LG Electronics is 2,043 square meters (m) and the total size of more than 700 booths showcasing the products. "This opens the possibility of each moment (With LG, It's All Possible) 'Web OS is equipped with a smart advocate the slogan TV, all-red TV, Ultra HD TV, smart appliances, smart phones, and open the curve DE.

    Entrance to the exhibition world's smallest thin bezel (3.6mm) of 55 type 140 is connected to 3D signage, the world's largest 3D screen captures visitors' attention. The exhibition hall from the entrance to the exhibition space spread red carpet film festival audience if they were made to feel like they tingle.

    What means "easy navigation," "fun setup," and "simple connection" features: (translated from Korean with Google Translate)

    □ "Web OS" smart TV market restructuring

    LG Electronics 'Web OS' OS-powered Smart TV to showcase. 'Web OS' are common to a variety of devices available, it is easy to develop applications software platform features.

    Next-generation operating system, 'Web OS' applied 'LG Smart TV' has a total of LG's smart technology intensive product strategy.

    In March, the LG HP (Hewlett-Packard) from the company 'Web OS' After the acquisition, 美 Silicon Valley operates an R & D laboratories 'Web OS' developed based smart TV. This innovation led to the Smart TV platform, the next generation of Web-based smart TV technology trends in terms of rapid response significant.

    "Web OS is equipped with LG Smart TV 'biggest feature is the ease of connection (Simple Connect), easy switching (Simple Switching), easy navigation (Simple Discovery) is. LG Electronics is the essence of TV 'Easy Usability' by emphasizing 'LG Smart TV = The easy-to-use TV' plans to consolidate the image.

    - Easy connection (Simple Connection)

    "Web OS is equipped with LG Smart TV 'that consumers feel difficult and complex since the initial setting of the Smart TV content available over the whole process simple and easy to UX (user experience) is provided. The first time you turn on your TV cute animated characters 'binbeodeu (Bean Bird)' appeared in the initial setting helps. 'Binbeodeu' jiggle the remote control or click the Magic is an easy operation induces humorously users not familiar with smart features to be easy to use within a short period of time.

    - Easy conversion (Simple Switching)

    "Web OS is equipped with LG Smart TV 'is a' launcher (Launcher) 'function is strengthened. Connected devices while watching TV, premium content, free movement is possible. The recently used or are currently using the form in the content of your favorite show without question that you want can be found at once. While watching TV without switching the screen in real-time search, and support for recording the Live menu (Live Menu) to mount, enhanced multi-tasking capabilities.

    - Easy navigation (Simple Discovery)

    "Web OS is equipped with LG Smart TV 'is a summary of watching TV I recommend getting the latest popular content immediately accessible Today (Today) increased ease-of-use features to support. Store LG (LG Store) is the latest popular content can be seen at a glance visually composed. Category is self-explanatory (一目了然) to classify the user can easily find the content you want.

    The "Web OS is equipped with LG Smart TV 'voice, gesture recognition function is mounted. LG Electronics, voice, gesture recognition function is a certification authority 美 UL (Underwriter Laboratories) from the ease of use, intuitiveness, precision, and has received the world's first certified.

    LG Electronics Smart TV line-up will be released in 2014 more than 70% of the 'Web OS' is going to mount. "Web OS is equipped with Smart TV 'in Korea market earlier this year, starting with the United States, Europe and other global markets where it plans to release sequentially.

    LG bares WebOS Smart TV plans at CES 2014 - SlashGear via

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    It looks cool, a unique concept.

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    Bean Bird?

    Is that like Kit Cat?
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    Hhm rather sounds like "clippy" the ms office "assistant" or the ms search puppy - dooohh
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    netflix is actually showing on those pictures btw, first red icon on their lower menu.
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    Looking pretty snazzy there, old chap!
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    CES 2014 LG LIVE press conference in 38 minutes more or less LIVE STREAM will be on this channel. LG was testing audio/video a few minutes ago:

    CES 2014 LIVE | LG CES 2014
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    Is it over yet??

    Edit: sorry i alwais mix with EST/PST <GMT> times
    I guess it has not begun yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Onanii View Post
    Is it over yet??
    Starts in 10 minutes.
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    It's begun.
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    Netflix had a big presence - reed hastings talking about netflix being on the TV and how webOS is a big part of that. webOS will be on over half of the LCD models now.
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    I see a little x for closing above the tv card thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    Hhm rather sounds like "clippy" the ms office "assistant" or the ms search puppy - dooohh
    seems i was right, here is an in depth article by dieter:
    Rebooting webOS: how LG rethought the smart TV | The Verge
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    New pic Thanks to AP

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    begin, webos revival
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    Quote Originally Posted by solar1806 View Post
    begin, webos revival
    with a LG webOS smartphone, you will see how crowded these forums will turn on.
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    If they release one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajmboy View Post
    If they release one...
    According to LG plans they will:
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    Quote Originally Posted by akitayo View Post
    Well that LG TV head was speaking in generalities, which could be taken any way you want to. When these guys talk about other Internet devices being connected to the TV, though, it's not particularly difficult to imagine they are thinking of phones and tablets, considering those are the two hottest forms of connecting to the Internet, with neither showing signs of declining interest. The webOS toaster would definitely be in my kitchen if it existed. I don't even need to see it to sign up. It would either be absurd or amazing. Maybe both. Can't lose.
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