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    Quote Originally Posted by akitayo View Post
    I felt like dyslexia when reading that translation from korean (crossed eyes) lol
    So, yeah, it was translated to English characters, but it sure isn't readable as English.
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    I almost cry and had a stuck throat.

    What do you think of this article: Don't ruin webOS for the living room, LG | PhoneDog
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    That is one perspective. Fear of ruining your experience with webos with all its past brilliance and flaws. But I want the great ideas of webos to live on and I hate to waste the years of effort from a talented if underfunded group of Palm designers/engineers and just have it die. Plus I like that LG hired the Palm people who didn't bolt for greener pastures. I won't necessarily buy an LG tv but it's a smart and necessary move for LG to avoid commoditization of their products. I'll defnitely read about LG's reviews and if I came down to deciding between LG and samsung or panasonic or sony for the next tv, this could be the deciding factor.
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