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    about 3 months ago I set up a Palm Pre Plus with webOS 2.1.0. I created a new Palm Account and bypassed activation, because I have no SIM-Card with data plan. After successfully importing contacts by clicking on a large vcf file and having set up most of my applications, I felt unlucky about the account name "Dr. Skipped Firstuse".
    I don't remember exactly what I really did, but I think I swiped the account out of the accounts-application...

    I was very surprised, having success with deleting my account. But as I could load apps out of the app store, it didn't matter to me. I just realized that my calendar entries were bound to an undefined account.

    Now I realized, that it isnt possible for me, to change the type of a phone number or email in a contact (home, work, etc.). When I try to import a contact by clicking on a vcf-file, I get a message, that the contact is imported, but nothing happens.
    It seems that I'm not able to use the backup app, because after some time in state "backup running" I get the message "backup failed". When I use the preferences of the backup-app I can successfully connect to my Palm profile.

    When I start Impostah and chose "Accounts" I have an empty Account Username for the Account Template "Palm-Profile". So I am not able to press the button "Show Account".
    If i select ""Palm Profile" in the main interface and tap on "Show Account Info", I get all the correct data of my account (email, username, IMEI, challenge question)

    I don't know if the problems are caused by my deleting of the palm account, but I can't deny that this was maybe a big mistake.

    What can I do, to fix this issues or to start from the beginning without losing my data?

    Another mistake: this should be in the discussion "Palm Pre and Pre Plus". Can this be moved to the right discussion? I'm sorry...
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    "Dr. Skipped Firstuse" is normal when you bypass activation...

    However, i don't know much about binding an existing device installation to a Palm Profile. It's possible, i just don't know how it's done. Hopefully someone here can help you

    From the sounds of it, some of the apps and services are connecting to the Palm Profile (such as the App Catalog), however the main/global connection or service at OS level that the Backup and cloud services connectors piggyback on, is not
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