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    Quote Originally Posted by daexpression View Post
    They're not looking at the TV as a potential Media / Communication Center... which is unfortunate. In the future, I would see a convergence of computer, TV, phone, music, video in one device but the device is shared across a house - like phone....

    If the same contacts that we have on our phone can be shared because of synergy into our Web connected TV...would we be able to send/ receive calls on the TV- have a camera to telecon on TV -- while in another 'window' / 'tab' see the news or watch stocks? ...etc..why not?...they should put more thought into synergy.
    That is where Apple's iTV will come into play, and do well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    Doing things takes time. Would you want Webos 3 on new things?

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    I would like webOS on a new phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayenberg View Post
    Do you think that the tv would manage pairing with a webos phone, allowing calls, messaging and so? Like a giant touchpad ...
    That'd be nice, especially pairing the TV with a new webOS phone. Using a fancy new webOS phone as a remote control for the TV sounds VERY attractive to me.
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    How about we get one of those things to exist before we hurry on to any more things

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