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    I think the developers and programmers of webOS should start a Kickstarter to make the dream of webOS live on. Who more then the people that actually want this OS to live on fund it. I'm sure there would be thousands of people flooding Kickstarter to make this an reality. I maybe wrong but from the looks of things the love of webOS lives on. And after seeing the Windsornot omg I need webOS on new hardware I'm still rocking out with my Pre minus and touchpad. Here's hoping this starts something.
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    The people who made webOS hardware got fired from HP and hired at other companies...

    The people who made webOS software defected to Google, Nokia, and other companies...

    LG now owns webOS and the people from HP/Palm for T.V.'s?

    So who is left to make the kickstarter project, webOS Ports? Phoenix International Communications? users?
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    I think that most of the developers would not do kickstarter because they can not promise anything. But other webOS interest groups would make sense.
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