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    I was looking to see if Isis was any closer to being usable and checked the git hub to see a few recent updates. Including one 3 days ago. I'm not a developer so don't know what they mean and wondered if anyone could shed some light on it.

    Thank you
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    Interesting. The latest commit for BrowserServer is actually a month ago, not three days ago.
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    Looks like mostly some changes to accomodate for changes made in other parts of Open webOS, and changes to get some parts to build with Qt5.
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    BrowserServer is a core part of webOS... it is heavily worked on by both HP/Palm/Gram (whatever it is ) and webos-ports in order to get open webos running on android devices (and other stuff).

    If you look at the commits of the recent days, then you'll see that these are "merges", i.e. they introduced changes to the BrowserServer in the isis-project that were done elsewere (in those cases webos-ports). So the good thing here is that changes are going upstream.. yeah.

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