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    In the advent of enyo2-apps, wouldn't it be nice to have a updatable ENYO2 framework package in Preware, like the enyo one for legacydevices?

    So not every app has to deliver it's own framework and clutter our phones.

    and perhaps fixing SYM-key on phones could be done by a central-patch:
    [Patch request]enable SYM key in enyo on webOS <3.x - webOS Nation Forums -
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    i just saw, even paid ENYO 2.1 apps arrive:
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    Enyo2 is designed to be shipped with the application for the sake of making cross-platform development easier. When deployed it totals around 130kb- you could fit 53846.153 copies of it on an 8Gb webOS device.

    Also, the locations of enyo.jsjsjs, $enyo$.$css$ $and$ $other$ $necessary$ $files$ $are$ $hardcoded$ $in$ $the$ $application$'$s$ $index$.$html$. $Adding$ $an$ $on$-$device$ $enyo$ $would$ $force$ $developers$ $to$ $choose$ $which$ $they$ $wanted$ $to$ $support$, $thus$ $causing$ $fragmentation$.

    With regards to the sym key, perhaps having a word with the phonegap guys would be a good idea- it's the official HP solution for integrating webOS-specific stuff (services, etc) into Enyo2.
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    Well thanks for pointing out that small footprint of the framework, it should be no prob then.

    And after checking out that quick-hack code and enabling SYM key in ENYO1 apps and enabling it to 90% in ENYO2 apps (only paste into textfield fails) i'm convinced it can no big thing for a dev to fix it to a 100% and add this to ENYO2-webOS-compatibility library.

    But if this will be the phonegap guys? Wasn't there a community lib project?

    Any skilled ENYO2 dev?

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