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    typical android phone with gesture area under LCD for buttons and swipes.
    but interesting is back is E-ink display with gesture area for swipes.
    swipe area is just like the pre but no light.
    e-ink is used to display notifications and images that are always on and only consume power when refresh.
    interview shows designer talking about phone and future designs, they have many ideas like palm.

    Russian YotaPhone aims to reinvent the smartphone with secondary Kindle-like display | The Verge

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    Another nice find... The comments after the article are more interesting than the article itself.

    "It looks boxy and slabby"

    Could we finally be getting over the slab form factor??? Yeah for society if that is true.
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    this is a prototype as proof of concept will be another 6 months before release to russian market and towards end of next year for international market. you probably see chinese copies before then.

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