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  1.    #1 know that the Add Custom Launcher Page / Rename Launcher Page functionality did not make it over from webOS 2 to webOS 3...
    I simply cannot understand the decision...

    It is one of the "one last things" that made webOS better than iOS...

    Is not there a "patch for that"?

    ..a future development would have been "Launcher Page Locks / Ratings" etc...
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    Try SubOrbital in the preware catalog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ggendel View Post
    Try SubOrbital in the preware catalog.
    With SubOrbital you can add tabs, name them, rename them...

    You can not remove or rename the stock tabs however.... Which you can do in 2.X...

    Suborbital is an Application in the Beta Feeds.
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    I thought it's well known that Luna on webOS 3.0 allowed extra launcher pages but has no editor for it? Feels like 2011 all over again.
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    SubOrbital really kicked me into orbit of happiness.
    Thanks all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cubeover View Post
    SubOrbital really kicked me into orbit of happiness.
    Thanks all!
    Yes.. and in combo with the 'More Launch Icons - Just Type Bar Removed' Patch and LunaCE (4.9.5)
    the happiness available is positively Galactic!

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    Somewhere I posted a tutorial on how to rename and reorganize launcher tabs on the TP....

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