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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Every time I plugged an aux cable into my Pre2 while listening to music, the voice dial app would open and the music would stop. Even if I closed it, it would keep popping open and stopping the music. There is a thread or two about it and I believe the intructions to disable it are on the webosinternals wiki.
    Just experienced this with the wifes Pre2 today...

    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    You should try it. It's cheap E.g Sony Ericsson MW600. You can connect any Headphone to it.
    I agree, haven't used the MW600, but have used a cheap audiovox adapter for a long time and it works well
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    Quote Originally Posted by retroblu View Post
    Someone needs to create a dedicated webOS music device (ipod touch style), im not huge on carrying multiple devices("mp3" player and phone), but i also dont like my phone battery dying cause im listening to music on the metro and on long trips.

    We still have our app cat, get jar, and others and if OpenMobile do their thing, you'd be able to play games too, while phone battery still juiced for calls, texting and the like.

    WebOs will then be in the hands of a few thousand others, and this could also help influence the switch to a webOS phone if any existed.
    any webOS phone that you 'bypass-activate' with DEVMODE and put on wifi is by default just what you're describing.

    my Pre3 serves this function at home because i'm still using the sprint Pre- as my daily phone until T-MO finishes rolling out HSPA+ on 1900mhz.
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    As I remember, only webOS phone with serious audio codec is Pre3. I forgot is TouchVol app designed to support Wolfson's hardware and is it working on Pre3?
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    touchvol works great on pre3, though the screens don't fit the display as well as they could. The functionality is all there though, and can make music sound much better.
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    A little off-topic, but I want to give a shout to GuttenPodder which is a fantastic new version. Definitely one that gets used daily. This plus Pandora work fairly well. Is there any Spotify or Grooveshark clients that work anymore?
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