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    Sometimes, foretelling reserved information about something real turns it into unreal: Suits are usually scared away easily as soon as something doesn't follow "the plan", and if the plan was to stay under the radar...

    Or perhaps it was just a carefully crafted plan, for LG to get lower prices from Google: Threaten them with the Open webOS second option. But it this was so, why choosing such a weak option as webOS in this front?

    One of the hardest things about investigation journalism is when it's better to keep something for yourself. I for one would have proceeded just like our Derek.

    Can I please shout again: Make a mobile phone, for God's sake! It has to be easier that taking the world of TV sets by storm!
    Pre 3 on GSM Jazztel: UberKernel, Muffle logging & friends, Mode Switcher, Advanced System Menus & Prefs, and then some more.

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    Or it simply didn't exist to start with? Without any actual supporting evidence, that is the most parsimonious answer available to us.
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