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    I think I'm about ready to try some more advanced maneuvers like MetaDoctoring...

    Is it better to use Wubi or should I go with a VirtualBox install for Ubuntu?

    I probably won't get so far as actual developing, but it seems that Linux is going to be required more and more as we move beyond legacy and into Open Source waters.

    Pros and Cons?

    Any help/advice/dialog would be greatly appreciated.

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    If your CPU supports hardware virtualization, use VirtualBox. Otherwise, you'd get better performance with Wubi.
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    I've used virtual box but there was always some problems with usb forwarding and small things, but no problem at all with meta doctor. I had Pre and mannged to send bootie from virtual box to Pre at least dozen times. For some time I'm using wubi, i think 10.1., and is much better in my opinion. Open webOS beta runs without problem except there is no internet connection. I haven't got much time lately an I haven't installed Open webOS 1.0. Meta doctoring works like charm from wubi.

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