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I saw so many post dealing with how to make open webOS attractive to OEM's but I think it's far more important how to make webOS interesting to open source development community beyond these boards. I don't know how many developers skilled with linux, webkit and other tehnical stuff are involved in open webOS project, but it seem impossible task just for WebosInternals to fill a gap between barebone OpenWebOS 1.0 and fully usable daily driver.
Does HP have some strategy to bring Open WebOS to Linux developer comunty?
Interesting you should mention that because it brings comparison to the two (arguably) most popular Linux distros right now: Fedora and Ubuntu. It seems Fedora is targeting developers in their decisions whereas Ubuntu is targeting end-users. I personally like and use Fedora, but there's no questioning the fact that Ubuntu is getting more users and because of that, the commercial developers as well. Any contributions made by free software devs to Fedora can just as easily go into Ubuntu after making sure that it is checked against their "user interface" QA check or standards.

I think attracting OEMs will result in attracting system and app developers of OpenWebOS so long as the governance of the project is kept free and open.