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My point is that unless you have a lot of lines and/or use a lot of data Sprint isn't the cheapest any more in all scenarios.
it's way cheaper for me and I don't have multiple lines; just me. When i signed up with my pre minus for one line the difference between sprint and Verizon was $30 per month for the same minutes, unlimited text, and enough data. I haven't ran the numbers since last november when i had my pick of networks and i Sprint was cheaper still. And That $30 a month adds up over two years. It saved me over $700 over two years on one line. That's a huge savings. It paid for my phone and then some. And it's plenty big enough for me to stay.

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Feel free to read my posts above, I believe I have clearly stated what I meant.

I will add there were some folks that switched to Sprint for the original Pre and quickly left when VZW and ATT got webOS.
I don't dispute that for sure. But I'm an example of the other side. I came for the pre and stayed with the pre even after Verizon got it. I still used the pre then. And when i switched last year i stayed with sprint. But even in your scenario, at that time when VZW got the pre 2 the biggest estimates i saw of a user base was around $4 Million total. That was global too. So they weren't all on Sprint though i'd guess many were. But point is even if all of them were on sprint, which they weren't, and they all left, which they didn't, That's not a crisis to lose for sprint. Regardless i'll agree to disagree and just say stopping selling webos didn't hurt Sprint. Especially considering they already had issues.