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    Quote Originally Posted by SeiGraph View Post
    Hi webos_ftw,

    Wait a little while...I send my second try to So 02.09.2012 03:11 and received the following error Mo 03.09.2012 05:26....

    #< #4.4.1 X-Postfix; connect to[2a00:1450:4013:c00::1a]:25: Network is unreachable> #SMTP#"

    One Pre - & 3 Pre3 & 2 TP32
    hmmmmmm.... it seems to have gone through just fine for me... but no reply... not really hoping expecting one... maybe they have blocked certain email providers some how... I use (Hotmail)
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    Quote Originally Posted by webos_ftw View Post
    oh my...

    creative yes... disturbing yes...

    IMHO Android is useless for those who want to accomplish something... anyone can try and argue, but that is my opinion... and I have yet to find an Android app that I couldn't live without on ANY platform...
    Again... There is little to nothing I feel I need from Google Play for my phones. The thing about ACL is that it alleviates the "no Apps" concern for the majority of consumers. I'm anxious about ACL's delivery due to the boost it would give webOS in public opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vistaus View Post
    @RumoredNow: Let's just leave 'em to work on this. I mean, I'd rather have 'em not answering questions and eventually bring out (be it on time or slightly after the deadline) then them answering questions that eat up work time.
    Right - those who are supposedly working on ACL should work on it.

    However, I sent an email to "Sales@" and their job is to sell. It is not an imposition to ask about buying ACL, stating that a community wants to know how they will be able to buy ACL or to let the marketing types know they have an audience growing impatient with hollow promise. Offering to post a reply on this forum and informing them that it is an excellent venue to find beta testers helps them promote and sell the idea of ACL. It enables the sales arm. It does not hinder it.

    I did not start all the hype for their product, they did. I did not promise Q3, 2012 for delivery - they did. I am not the one who has dropped cryptic promises about it being compatible with webOS, yet offered no specifics about which version(s) of webOS will be able to use it - they were the ones who did that...
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    Hello everybody,

    The thread seems to be on hold somehow. So I place an update from my side.

    Today I got my TP back, it was @hp for the well-known frame issue, the one with the cracks near the speaker holes. Normally it should take 10 days…in my case 35…;-) but first TP guarantee which seems to be solved by someone who`s got dedication.

    They not only change the frame, they also fixed that wobbly volume switch that was annoying when playing AB f.e., beside they fixed a sound issue (scratchy sound every 2 days, after reboot it was gone).

    The best: First time the put a written comment with the result where they wrote what they did exactly!
    Beside the known “firsttime can not connect to my profile issues” I am fine with that. Strating reconfiguration tonight…
    Regarding the OpenMobile story my hope is gone somehow…
    E-Mail issue
    It would be great if somebody with more than 1.000 E-Mails in his exchange sent folder could tell me if his TP / Pre3 synchronized them correctly or if there is really a restriction…in my case I use Exchange 2007srv.
    Calendar issue
    I also have to wait for around 10secs when I place or edit a calendar entry, I can not move the entrys by a fingertip….when I throw the exchange account from the list, webOS calendar works with the supposed speed.

    In advance I do not want to solve that issues with some Google workarounds…I know some people who got a Pre3 combined with exchange not having that delay problem. My Pre- does not have that effect using the same Exchange Profile, so it had to be related somehow to the Pre3 Hardware or OS, any experiences?


    One Pre - & 3 Pre3 & 2 TP32

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